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Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions are deemed to be accepted by the Hirer upon payment of a deposit to Weddings of Distinction who will make the goods or services available to the Hirer.
The “Owner”

In these Terms & Conditions, “Owner” means Weddings of Distinction.

The “Hirer”

In these Terms and Conditions, “Hirer” means any person, company, corporation or Government instrumentality (including the personal representatives and permitted assigns and any person or corporation entitled or required by law to administer the Hirer’s affairs) who shall hire any equipment from the Owner.

The “Equipment”

In these Terms & Conditions, “Equipment” means all the equipment and accessories supplied by the Owner.


By making a booking through confirming a quote by payment of a booking fee/retainer or remittance of funds, the Hirer acknowledges and agrees to the Owner’s Terms & Conditions.


Aisle carpets are not permitted to be placed outside in the instance of wet weather.

Upon placement of the aisle carpets (inside or outside), it is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that the items are protected from the elements. Any breach of these Terms & Conditions will incur a $100 damage/cleaning fee per carpet length. Please see list below for petal colours permitted on/around our carpets. Please note, this also applies to confetti.

–  Red – any colour rose petals are permitted
–  Black – any colour rose petals are permitted
–  Pink and Lilac – only white rose petals are permitted
–  Ivory – only white rose petals are permitted

As each venue/garden has specific rules and regulations with respect to the allowance of rose petals, please ensure that you liaise with the relevant authority or view their terms and conditions to confirm whether rose petals are permitted.

No refunds will be provided in the instance that aisle carpets are not used as a result of inclement or wet weather.

Please be aware that carpets cannot be secured to grass, gravel or sand. We will do our best to ensure that the carpet is as secure as possible, however, it is your responsibility to ensure that you take care when walking on the carpet. Please brief your bridal party accordingly.


If there is damage caused to any Equipment during the period of hire by the Hirer or the Hirer’s guests, the Hirer is responsible for the costs associated with the damage. The Hirer is responsible for the Equipment from the time of delivery/collection until collection/return and shall pay for all Equipment damage or lost however caused during that period. The Hirer agrees to pay all repairs or repair costs for equipment damaged by the Hirer and to reimburse the Owner at the currently applicable daily hire rate for that equipment for so long as it is unable to be re-lent following damage sustained during hire. In the event that the equipment is damaged beyond economic repair, the Hirer agrees to pay the Owner the pre-damage value of that equipment.


The minimum delivery, setup and takedown fee is $280. This price will vary/increase depending on location, size of hire, accessibility to site and permit time restrictions.
Please ensure all non-Weddings of Distinction Hire equipment (including styling pieces, florals etc.) and rubbish is cleared from the hire equipment to allow clear and safe access for the Weddings of Distinction crew.
For any deliveries and/or collections after 7:00pm, a $200 late night surcharge will be applicable.


All Equipment must be returned no later than close of business on the Monday following the hire unless prior arrangements have been made. Late returns will incur a daily fee of $50. Upon pick up of items, the Hirer must sign our DIY Hire Agreement stating that they acknowledge the condition of the goods hired when collected. If the items are returned in a different condition to what was agreed upon, there will be a damage fee applied that is dependent on the item damaged. A credit card is required to be left on file upon collection of items.


The $695 price of the drinks package applies if added to a décor/furniture package. If the drinks package is hired alone, there will be an additional delivery, set up and take down fee depending on location. The drinks supplied must be delivered to our showroom located at 1 Chandos Street, Cheltenham during the week of the wedding (Thursday or Friday is preferred) unless otherwise arranged. The Hirer must supply bottles of water when supplying alcohol.

All leftover drinks and any items delivered for the drinks package, must be collected following the wedding within 5 business days. If these items are not collected within 5 business days, we reserve the right to dispose of said items or charge a storage fee of $50 per day for any days past the 5 business days.


If you are opting for fresh floral arrangements, please ensure that your florist has the required equipment with them on the day (ie step ladders, garbage bags, cable ties, etc) as our team is not responsible for providing these items. Please also ensure that your florist returns after the function to pack down and to collect the floral arrangement as we will also not be responsible for the pack down or disposal of same. Should you require removal and disposal of flowers, Weddings of Distinction are happy to offer this service for $100.

We always recommend that you send your florist photos of the items that they will be installing florals on or please feel free to pass along our contact details for them to touch base with us directly.


If getting married in a public garden, please inform the relevant Council (ie City of Melbourne, Bayside City Council, etc) that we will be your furniture and décor supplier. When completing the details for your permit, please note that we will have a maximum of two vehicles on-site for the set-up/bump-in and pack-down/bump-out of your wedding (subject to the size of hire). For ease of reference, our vehicles are both white Toyota Hiaces.

With the key from Serco or the relevant Council, you will be responsible for confirming if this is required (for set-up and pack-down). If a key is necessary, we will require you (the client) to collect the key and drop it off to our showroom located at 1 Chandos Street, Cheltenham during the week of your wedding (between Monday to Friday, 10:00am – 5:00pm). When you deliver the key to our showroom, if you require a consult, please let us know so we ensure that a Consultant is available. The key can then be collected from our showroom on a business day following your wedding.


Any loss or damage to the handheld umbrellas will incur a fee of $20 per umbrella. Any loss or damage to the parasols will incur a fee of $12 per parasol. Handheld umbrellas and parasols must be left at the gardens/wedding venue for collection.


In the instance of severe wind or wet weather, the Owner reserves the right to withhold the use of carpet, urns and pedestals, arches, umbrellas, marquees or any other item that may be damaged as a result of said weather. The items will be placed/erected at Owner discretion where there is a chance that the Equipment will suffer damage or ill repair due to exposure to torrential weather or in the instance that harm may be caused to the Hirer, guests or associated users in respect of the equipment and/or services at all relevant to this event. The Hirer agrees to allow the Owner to make required changes or alterations in the best interests of the Hirer.

It is the responsibility of the Hirer to provide instructions for a wet weather plan. Should your wet weather plan not be in the immediate vicinity of the original venue, there may be additional fees and charges incurred. As the Owner must keep to their existing schedules to ensure that all other functions proceed as scheduled, notification must be made at least 48 hours before the wedding.

As we require full payment no less than 14 days prior to the date of your wedding and the items hired have been made unavailable for hire to others, no refunds will be provided for change of mind or circumstance, cancellation or reduction of items. It is therefore highly recommended that you have a suitable indoor backup option available so that we can set your ceremony furniture up indoors. In the instance of severe weather, we reserve the right to withhold the use of some hire items (for example, in the instance of severe wind, umbrellas will not be erected).

The Owner reserves the right to remove hire items/Equipment from the venue if damage is likely to occur.

No refunds will be provided in the instance that Equipment is not placed/erected.


The Hirer hereby relinquishes the Owner from all liabilities, resulting from demands and expenses in any way, arising from injury, death, loss of income, damage to property or persons, caused to the Hirer or associated users in respect of the equipment and/or services at all relevant to this event. It is the absolute responsibility of the Hirer to maintain and gain relevant insurance. The Owner may not be held liable for non-attendance of a function due to unforeseen conditions pertaining to traffic conditions, vehicle break-down, weather and environmental conditions, death, or unforeseen circumstances out of their control. If necessary, the Owner reserves the right to employ the services of another supplier to complete a booking/job.


All responsibility for Equipment on hire is with the Hirer. No item is covered by insurance whilst on hire. The Hirer agrees to pay all costs for unpaid hire, damage to, or loss of any goods on hire.

The Owner is protected by Public Liability Insurance for any damage that may occur due to their negligence.


It is the responsibility of the Hirer to ensure that all event details on the invoice are correct and made out to the correct Company or Person.


If you are interested in the marquee option but do not want to commit to them at the time of making your booking, we offer a $50 non-refundable marquee security fee (per marquee) which will ensure that the number of marquees you need are held under your name (note: we have 5 marquees in total). This way, if you decide to go ahead with them, the $50 per marquee is applied to the hire and you will only have to pay the balance of $149 per marquee. If you choose not to use the marquees, the $50 per marquee is forfeited.

Please note, if marquees are erected on the day, the balance of each marquee and an additional delivery, setup and takedown fee of $150 (if also hiring other items) or $280-$350 (if no other items are hired) will need to be paid prior to your wedding day. Please also note, we require a minimum of 1 business days’ notice if you decide to go ahead with the marquee(s).


In order to secure your booking and ensure the availability of the requested items, a 30% non-refundable and non-redeemable booking fee/retainer is required within 3 days from receiving the invoice, with the balance payable no less than 14 days prior to the date of your wedding/function. Payment is required prior to the event or on delivery or pick up. The Owner does not offer credit terms of any kind. EFT details are below. Alternatively, you may pay by credit card by phoning the showroom on 9699 3330 during business hours (between 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday). Please note: VISA and MasterCard attract a 1.3% transaction fee. AMEX attracts a 1.5% transaction fee.

Bank – NAB
BSB – 083-136
Account no. – 151351780
Account name – Weddings of Distinction

Please state Hirer name(s) (in which the booking is held) and invoice number in the reference field.


We love posting about our clients! By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you authorise the Owner to post photography and/or videography from your function to our social media accounts. Please state when booking if there is an issue with authorising the Owner to publish photography and/or videography.

If a photographer is found to have used our furniture for elevation, a $75 fee will be charged for damage to the structure of our equipment. Please remind your photographer to bring a step ladder for group photos. If required, we can supply a step ladder for $20.


Where a typographic error in a quotation has caused a miscalculation, we reserve the right to correct and expect full payment for discrepancies within the quote. If re-enquiring at a later stage, we will attempt to honour product pricing, however, labour fees can increase as the function date fills and where additional staff are required.


No refunds will be provided for change of mind, change of circumstances, cancellation or reduction of items once confirmed as the equipment has been made unavailable for hire to enquiring clients. In extreme cases, clients are advised to discuss alternative arrangements with our management. This also applies to staffing and services combined. In extreme cases, a 30% administration fee will be kept from the total refund amount.


Guests like to keep souvenirs. Unless prior arrangements have been made, any Equipment (excluding fresh flowers) must remain at the venue for collection by our staff. Any items removed from the venue will be at the expense of the Hirer.


With every hire of drinks buckets or other items to be used as a DIY food and/or drinks station, we require the Hirer to also hire a bin for $50. This fee also includes the disposal of the rubbish that has been placed in the hired bin.

If rubbish is left onsite, a $100 rubbish removal fee will be charged for collection and disposal of same.

If you choose not to hire a bin, it will be your responsibility to clean the site and organise for the disposal of rubbish.


All bookings require a 45-minute minimum set up time. Additional time will be required for larger bookings and additional fees are incurred for restricted time access, additional labour and additional travel time. Generally, we require between 25-35 minutes for the pack down (note, subject to change depending on the size of hire).


If Weddings of Distinction are transporting your personal items/belongings to/from your nominated location, they will not be held liable for any loss or damage suffered whilst the items are in our possession. If prior arrangements are made for personal items to be collected from the venue and brought back to the Weddings of Distinction showroom/warehouse, said items must be collected within 5 business days. If these items are not collected within 5 business days, we reserve the right to dispose of said items or charge a storage fee of $50 per day for any days past the 5 business days.

The above will also apply to drinks package items.


On occasion, we may work in conjunction with other decor companies and/or suppliers. At times, you may be offered free upgrades or we may work together to bring about the best result for your day.