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Urns and Pedestals

Black iron pedestals with white top
The black iron pedestals with white top are available in...
Clear acrylic rectangle plinth
Our clear acrylic rectangle plinths are 1m high. We have...
Clear acrylic round cylinder plinths
We have 2 available in each size.
Gold stand (1m)
The gold stands are 1mH and look beautiful with either...
High gloss white cylinder pedestal
The high gloss white cylinder pedestal is 90cmH. The pedestal...
Mini traditional white pedestal
Mini traditional white urn
Mini traditional white urns and pedestals
The urn is 43cmH and the pedestal is 46cmH.
Mirror-look plinth
There are two sizes available: Small – 60cmH, Medium –...
Modern gold pedestal
Our modern gold pedestal is 110cmH. With a silk floral...
Modern high gloss pedestals
There are three sizes available: Small – 70cmH, Medium –...
Modern high gloss urn
Modern high gloss urns and pedestals
The modern high gloss urn and pedestal together is 170cmH....
Ornate white pedestal
This pedestal can be paired with any of our white...
Sandstone pedestal
This pedestal is matched with our sandstone round urn.
Sandstone pedestal (beige tone)
Sandstone round urn
Sandstone round urns and pedestals
Sandstone urn with handles
Sandstone urn with handles and pedestal (beige tone)
The urn is 61cmH and the pedestal is 63cmH....
Tall Gold Stands (1.8m)
Our 1.8m stands are available in gold but can be...
Tall Gold Stands (2m)
These look great as pedestals with florals on top or...
Traditional white concrete finish pedestal
Traditional white pedestals
Traditional white round urns
Traditional white round urns and concrete finish pedestal
Traditional white urn
Traditional white urn and pedestal
The traditional urn and pedestal together is 150cmH. The traditional...
Windsor urn
These can be matched with our traditional white pedestals (110cmH)...
Windsor urn and pedestal
The Windsor urn and pedestal together is 180cmH. The Windsor...